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2008 Fall English Eccentrics Fashion Show

Backstage Beauty: English Eccentrics

Yesterday afternoon following the Felder Felder fashion show in London came the 2008 Fall English Eccentrics show. I went backstage to get the lowdown on the makeup look from clothing designer Helen David and Nars lead makeup artist Jane Richardson.

The inspiration for the show was based on a fairytale written by the designer. Miss Magritte (the protagonist) is a schoolgirl who gradually evolves into a style slave after she is bitten in her sleep by a fashion vampire. Her clothing goes from sweet to edgy and her makeup encompasses both looks. Cheeks are sweet and bright but the color is high and far back for a more modern look. Lips are berry colored and matte, and false eyelashes are placed in the center of the lid — not on the lash line.

English Eccentrics 154

English Eccentrics 064

English Eccentrics 182


English Eccentrics 242

English Eccentrics 083

English Eccentrics 052

To find out what products were used and how you can apply them at home to create this makeup look, read more.

  • Face: Jane prepped all of the models' skin with Nars Brightening Serum all over the face to even out the skin tone.
  • Cheeks: Then, she applied a little bit of Copacabana Multiple all over the face for a milky complexion with the hint of a moonlight glow. Next, she chose a fluorescent shade of semimatte lipstick called Schiap and with a brush, she blended some onto the highest and back part of the cheekbones. A little bit of Desire Powder Blush (a bright, cotton candy pink color) was added for more pop. The cheeks, nose, and forehead were then set with a light dusting of Nico Powder Blush (a pale natural shade).
  • Eyes: Then, Jane applied Penelope Cream Eye Shadow (a pale-pink shade) over the entire eyelid and then dusted the lids with Nico Powder Blush to set the cream. She then added a little bit of Albatross (a powder highlighter) to give the lids subtle shimmer. Next, she placed false eyelashes in the crease of the eye, which is quite unusual, but it looked really edgy. She finished the eyes with mascara on both the false and real lashes and then applied Triple X (clear) Lip Gloss to the lower part of the lids under the false lashes for sheen.
  • Lips: Since the cheeks and eyes were the focal points, the lips were pretty muted. Jane used the new Spring 2008 Belle de Jour Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (neutral beigey-pink) all over the mouth with no lip liner and no gloss on top.

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