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2008 International Makeup Artist Trade Show in London

Inside the International Makeup Artist Trade Show

Over the weekend, I attended the 2008 International Makeup Artist Trade Show, an event that showcases products, educators, and speakers who are involved in the makeup and skin-care world for television and film. It's also a place where makeup artists can purchase products and tools at a discount.

I didn't know what to expect from the show, but seeing a naked man wearing nothing but a flesh-colored thong and body paint was certainly a shock. I was also surprised to see so many zombies and ghouls walking around in broad daylight — I guess I just never really thought about special-effects makeup as part of the cosmetics genre.

Some of the brands in attendance were MAC Pro (a division of MAC for makeup professionals), Dermalogica, Fuse FX, Dead Sea Premiere, and several air-brush companies. I also checked out offerings from Eve Pearl, a five-time Emmy-winning TV makeup artist who is about to launch her own line of products. Another new discovery was Hakuhodo, a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic brushes (they make MAC brushes).

Throughout the week I'll be sharing all the insights about new collections, techniques, products, brands, and even an interview from one of MAC Pro's top artists with you. But for now, check out photos from the event below including painted bodies and skin effects!

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