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ANTM Beauty Quiz: "Petite Ninja Warriors"

ANTM Beauty Quiz: "Petite Ninja Warriors"

Ah, what a visual treat: good ol' noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. Sad to say, seeing him smile with his eyes (I refuse to use Tyra's made-up word for that) was one of the high points of this so-so episode. With the exception of adorkable Laura and her embarrassing "hood-rat" accent, the models didn't do many thrilling things. That makes me cryze, and earns the episode a paltry two short-legged cat rating points. Were you paying attention to the beauty details last night? Take the quiz to find out.

this episode earns two milos:

Photo courtesy of The CW

Why does Neil Lane say he wouldn't book Kara?

She has bad skin.
She was late to her appointment.
She was wearing too much lipstick.
She doesn't have pierced ears.

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