Alexa Chung For Nails Inc.

Alexa Chung: "A Pedicure Is Torture For Me"

Alexa Chung: "A Pedicure Is Torture For Me"

In the beauty world, the latest nail polish collections are just as coveted as the hottest new runway fashions, and the new collaboration between Alexa Chung and Nails Inc. is no different. Allure sat down with Alexa to get an inside look at the polishes she created and get answers to our burning beauty questions like: manicure or pedicure?

Recently Nails Inc. announced its collaboration with professional cool girl Alexa Chung. She wore their black leather-effects polish to the 2012 British Fashion Awards, and the shade sold out immediately. There was soon a waitlist of over 3,000 people wanting to get their hands on the polish (and the polish on their hands). The brand reached out to Chung shortly thereafter.

"When Thea [Green, the founder of Nails Inc.] asked me to collaborate, I was so excited," said Chung at a lunch celebrating the launch. "I've always found Nails Inc. to be very fashion-forward and all about the whole head-to-toe look, which is something I'm very into." In addition to being the face of all Nails Inc. ad campaigns this fall, Chung has also created six fabric-inspired shades, including Silk, Cashmere, Lace, Leather, Camo, and Sequins. "They're like a party for your hands," she said. I got the chance to sit down one-on-one with Chung to discuss all things nail-related — fingernail that is.

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Source: Facebook user Nails Inc. London