Alexander McQueen Fall 2014 Hair and Makeup | Runway

You'll Definitely Give a Hoot About the Alexander McQueen Makeup

Alexander McQueen Fall 2014

Modeling for Alexander McQueen this season was quite an undertaking and required hours of backstage preparation to create the dramatic look. The show was inspired by nature with a catwalk that resembled a dark, mossy woodland, and the beauty look took a cue from this.

Models sported an intricate braided hairstyle that coiled around the head in a spiral pattern, resembling the cornrow base used when fitting a weave but with thin strands of long hair dangling free at the front. Pat McGrath's makeup look focused on giving the models an owl-like beauty, with contoured faces made to look pale and ethereal with shades of white and silver with heavily flushed cheeks and sunken eyes.

Eyebrows were bleached, with apricot-bronze shadow used below the eyes and above the crease, winging up at the sides, with a flash of gold in the inner corner. Silver shadow and pale mascara were the focus on the lids and lashes when they were visible, though some models sported huge owl-inspired lash extensions made from inky black feathers that reached above and beyond the brows. The look was finished with pale, washed-out lips with just a hint of metallic.