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Backstage Beauty: JustSweet

Yesterday afternoon, Jennifer Lopez debuted her new clothing line called JustSweet during New York Fashion Week. The clothes are slightly younger and hipper than her previous Sweetface collections. (Check out Fab's review.) I think it's cute, but as I was looking at the pictures, I realized that I had flipped through them a few times without even noticing anything other than the makeup.

Charlotte Tilbury was the makeup artist responsible for creating this bold eyed, flawless face and a "sweet" pink lip. She used Flirt! Cosmetics cosmetics, and I've been lucky enough to get the scoop on the product breakdown.




Picture 1

Picture 2

To find out what you'll need to re-create both the aqua and purple makeup looks and to see more images from the show, read more

Aqua Look

Lavender Look


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