Band of Outsiders Fall 2010 Beauty Report

Girls Meet Boys in Band Of Outsiders's Beauty Look

A single look for a fashion show? Not for Band of Outsiders, where there were three beauty concepts: boy-boy, boy-girl and girl-girl. The boy-boys (who were actual dudes, we know this kind of gender-bender terminology gets confusing) donned their natural hair texture, the boy-girls wore long, side-parted side-braids, and the girl-girls boasted amped-up voluminous curls. Find out what this means after the jump.

Makeup: Dick Page for Shiseido created a look based on what he called a “not quite tan but peachy rose color applied across the cheeks, sort of like a sunburn.” The peachy rose color was streaked around the eyes, nose and cheeks almost in a Zorro-mask fashion. “I was more aggressive with it initially, then reigned it in,” remarked Page. “It’s a soft and easy look.” There’s no mascara, nor liner involved with this fluid look. As part of the look, Shiseido previewed its line of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in August 2011. Two sheer shades from the collection, Sable (a luxurious taupe) and Leather (a rich reddish brown), were applied to both the girl-girls’ and boy-girls’ eyes for subtle definition that evoked a feral-child effect. Rose-brown creamy lip color was dabbed on the boy-girls’ and girl-girls’ lips, while a halo of light shimmery beige was lightly applied around the lip area to diffuse the color.

Hair: Hairstylist Didier Malige was inspired by a California, vampy, careless vibe. The boy-girls wore long, side-braids with side-parts. Extensions were used for girls with shorter hair. Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray was worked into hair before blow-drying it with a diffuser to get a beachy, textured wave. Redken Hairspray 09 was then applied to the braid post-braiding for a feral, dirty feel. The girl-girls’ hair was sectioned into middle-parts, with no extensions used. Models’ hair were woven around a hair-pin, and then the woven section was set with a flat-iron. “Because we don’t have the luxury of time, we use the flat-iron to keep the kink,” explained Malige. Then, he brushed it out for a swollen hair effect. The boy-boys’ hair was left mostly as-is, save for a spray of the Redken Nature’s Rescue Sea Spray for a slightly undone texture.

Source: Getty