Bang-Go Hat for Bangs

Fight Hat Head With the Transformers of Millinery

When you have bangs, wearing a hat generally smooshes them down. Most of us would just go on with life, but now we don't have to. Bang-Go ($20) is an adjustable cap that allows your fringe to peek out over the bill. You can wear it as a cap or remove the back to wear it as a visor.

The idea is that you'll be able to protect your hair and face from the ravages of the sun, but I'd feel a little goofy wearing this. (The inventors assume as much, saying, "At first glance the Bang-Go cap may seem silly, but you won't think so once it's worn.") Maybe if I were golfing, I'd consider it — but realistically, a little bit of hat head seems like a fine tradeoff otherwise. Think you'd give this a whirl?