Beauty Biography of Buffy Sainte-Marie 2011-04-05 06:00:07

Bella Donna: Buffy Sainte-Marie

Beauty Biography of Buffy Sainte-Marie 2011-04-05 06:00:07

Over the course of her impressive well-over a half-a-century long career, singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie (née Beverly Sainte-Marie) has released over 20 albums. But her passions are not limited to the music industry. While she's written "Until It's Time For You to Go," which has been performed by stars like Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, and Cher, as well as "Up Where We Belong," which received an Oscar in 1982, Buffy is also a visual artist, philanthropist, and social activist, among many other things.

Born on a Cree reserve in Saskatchewan, the 70-year-old talent is the founder of The Cradleboard Teaching Project, which provides modernized curriculums for teachers on the subject of Native American culture. She's also known for her tech-savvy ways, using computers to record music and create paintings long before those techniques went mainstream.

You might also remember seeing Buffy on several episodes of Sesame Street back in the late '70s and early '80s. One memorable episode shows her nursing her child, all while explaining to an inquisitive Big Bird what she's up to.

Known for her long, straight hair, which she sometimes accentuates with blond streaks and feathered headpieces, the seemingly ageless star has also been known to sport a colorful nail polish shade or two in her day. Minimalistic makeup in neutral tones gives her a natural, earthy look.


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