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Beauty Byte: Katie Price Launches Stunning

Yet another celebrity fragrance is on its way. This time it's from UK celeb Katie Price (aka Jordan). Her perfume, Stunning, is exactly how she intended to look at her launch party on Tuesday, when she wore a ballgown adorned with crystals.

While Katie happens to be a 'stunning' girl, I can't help but think that she looks an awful lot like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith in these photos. I find all of the fake blonde hair, the sexy makeup and the billowing boobies (did you know she's a size 34FF?) just a little bit trampy for my taste.

In a recent release, Katie said, "One spray and you're Stunning! I've always been a big fan of perfume and think it's important for a girl to smell nice, so to finally have a fragrance of my own is amazing.

"It's taken 14 months to create, as I wanted something floral and feminine but still strong. It smells beautiful and I think a lot of women will love it just like I do."

The fragrance (£18) will be available in leading UK perfumery retailers online and in stores beginning tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out if 'Stunning' will make its way to the States.



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