Sophia Loren has been gracing the silver screen for upwards of five decades with her voluptuous figure, toothy grin, flawless Italian skin, and mesmerizing eyes. Born in Rome in 1938 on the cusp of WWII, her early years were spent in the war-torn town of Pozzuoli, hiding in bomb shelters and helping her mother and sisters care for injured soldiers. She fell deeply in love with acting at age 11 during Hollywood movie night at the only theater in town.

Her big break came when she was pulled off the floor at a nightclub to compete in the Miss Roma pageant, where she not only took second place, but captured the eye Carlo Ponti, a prominent film producer of the day. Despite requests from many directors, Sophia embraced her distinct looks by refusing to lose weight, get a nose job, or alter her appearance in any way for a role. In doing so, she became the fearless and devastatingly glamorous beauty icon we know her as today.

In a world consumed with cosmetic surgery, Sophia Loren reminds us of how striking a naturally unconventional look can be. By embracing her stunning looks and tirelessly pursing her dream, she is the perfect example of a true Bella Donna.