Behold the Wackiest Hair at Fashion Week (So Far)

Haven't heard of Gerlan Jeans? Neither had I, but something tells me you won't soon forget the name. Textile designer Gerlan Marcel, who graduated from Central St. Martins a few years ago, has created a bright, bold collection that makes early TLC's style look like Grace Kelly's in comparison. (She showed her collection at Patricia Fields' home.) Subtle they're not, but these hairstyles definitely capture your attention.

Obviously, Gerlan Jeans is an artsy, funky, youthful line. It's meant to be out-there. But while I dig some of the patterns she's created, the beauty look is too much of an out-there thing for my tastes. What do you think — is this wacky fun, or is it too over-the-top even for a fashion presentation? (And doesn't the tongue-pierced model look like Elina from ANTM?)