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Bella Brand: Apothia

Meet Apothia Aromatic, a California-based company that creates home fragrance candles, diffusers, and bath and body products inspired by Los Angeles experiences. All products are blended and made from premium ingredients, and both the home and personal fragrance lines feature sleek, award-winning packaging.

I had the chance to sit down with Apothia's founder, Ron Robinson, a couple of years ago. He was warm and friendly, and genuinely excited about his line. (Really, he was like a giddy kid unwrapping presents as he told me about each product.) He's a perfectionist when it comes to finding the precise notes to create the scents, and his work pays off—the fragrances are multifaceted and genuinely unique.






For a detailed description of each of the Apothia aromas, read more

If you've shopped at Barneys New York, you've probably seen the line of home candles ($46), which burn for 60 hours. I have one and find that to spread the scent to my apartment, I only need to leave it burning for 20 minutes or so. The rest of the Apothia Collection consists of aromatic diffusers ($78), eau de parfum ($30–$75), body wash ($28) and body lotion ($30). These are the available scents, but note that not all of them are available in all forms.

  • VELVET ROPE is inspired by a dry martini, spiked with notes of vanilla, jasmine and grapefruit. (I have this in a candle, and my guy friends always ask about the smell.) It's available as a candle and in the body care/personal fragrance line.
  • IF is more distinctly feminine. It's largely a citrus scent, but it builds to a floral, then finishes with musk. It's available only in the body care/personal fragrance line.
  • L is for all my Sapphic girls out there. Inspired by The L Word, it's something of an earthy scent, with notes of green violet leaf and woods. It's not available as a candle, but it's available as a fragrance.

    • These scents are available only in the home-care line:

      • PLUSH is made from citrus notes of mandarin, lime and pomelo.
      • WAVE is symbolic of a morning at the beach, smelling of driftwood, flowers, sea grass, white grapefruit, mandarin and yuzu.
      • SCENE is the ultimate urban guilty pleasure. Think glittering lights and sexy flashes of skin. This scent is made from fig, juniper berry and pear nectar.
      • CHRISMUKKAH reminds me of the OC! It smells of fresh green fir, clove, and ocean air.
      • SPIRITUAL is meant to be calming and peaceful, with hippie-chic notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood, green mint and basil.
      • SOUL sounds really sexy to me. It has notes of African ginger, mahogany, Taboti wood and Grains of Paradise.
      • JUICED is all about health. This fresh scent is energizing, with notes of sparkling red currant, geranium and tomato leaf.
      • BRONZED is the perfect name for an LA fragrance, yes?Orange flower, petitgrain, bergamot and jasmine make up this scent.
      • CASA is something I'll have to tell, uh, Casa about. It is made from Casablanca lilies, newly cut grass, and fresh air.

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