Bella Brand: Chaé Organics

Organic is a tricky word. From food to clothing, adding this simple claim may warrant higher prices on beauty items, but it offers no proof of what that really means. Since the US does not maintain standards for organic cosmetics and soaps, it's up to us as consumers to examine any beauty product ingredient list carefully.

However, with Chaé Organics, the botanicals used in the line of skin, body, and even pet care products are 100 percent certified organic or wild-crafted — and they're labeled ToxicFree. To earn this seal, it must have been reviewed and meet all of the requirements of the ToxicFree Foundation. In addition to the label, each certified ingredient has an asterisk helping you better understand what that means.

Learn about the two uses for one of my favorite products from this line when you read more.

When I wash my face, I want it to feel clean afterward, but not dry, and I love the Nutra Cleanser ($26) because it does just that. Doubling as a skin cleanser/purifier, you can also use this for a detoxifying scalp treatment, perfect for multitaskers who wash their faces in the shower. (That would include me.) Just gently massage in your scalp and let it sink in while you're washing up. Then rinse it out to soothe any itchiness and send soreness down the drain.