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Bella Brand: Haute Face

If you're a Savvy working woman, it can be challenging to always look fresh and polished when you are constantly running around. That's how Cassandra Mills felt. Formerly a high-powered record exec, she's now the founder and CEO of Haute Face. Not only did she have limited time for beauty, she became increasingly frustrated in the lack of shade-appropriate foundations available for women with ebony skin.

After talking with other women of color, she realized that they were also having similar struggles, so she decided to change careers and create her own makeup line for women of all races. I've tested out some of the bold and neutral shades and I'm impressed. I especially like the color palette ($69) since it includes lip shades, blush, eye shadows, foundation, concealer, and a powder. This is a score since we all know how difficult finding an all-inclusive palette can be.

The color palette is available in seven shades to match seven different skin tones. On the website, just click on the girl whose skin looks most like yours to see the colors that suit you best. I found that the creamy products glide on smoothly and the powder shadows blend well.

And I really love the sheer, matte Blonde Ambition face powder since it's a dead match to my skin tone. Not only that, but it also doesn't make my face look old and wrinkly like some powders can. Haute skin currently contains foundations, face powders, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks in three different textures, lip glosses, and brushes ranging in price range from $15 to $69.

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