Bella Brand: Kings & Queens

Bella Brand: Kings & Queens

Greek cosmetics company Korres is branching out — royally. Its new line of bath and body products, Kings & Queens, has been developed around ingredients favored by monarchs of the past. The packaging is vibrant enough to draw you in, and the prices aren't too crazy (between $9 and $15). Plus, the products are paraben-free, which will please the healthy-livin' crowd. But I know what you're thinking: Yeah, yeah, but is this stuff any good?

Yes, with a couple of reservations. The shimmering body milk adds a subtle glow to skin and would be great with shoulder-baring outfits. The body butter is rich and moisturizing, and it sinks into skin quickly. And I love the shower gels; at $9, they're an affordable luxury, and they lather up beautifully. To find out what isn't as impressive, read more.

I'll be honest with you: The scents are really hit-or-miss. Caspar is gorgeously spicy, a little dark, and very rich. It's unusual and alluring — and not "perfumey" at all. So I'm puzzled by how the creators of that kind of scent could come up with Chinese Princess, a thoroughly unpleasant interpretation of jasmine.

Other scents take about 15 minutes to get into their groove. For instance, Sultan of Granada's lemony fragrance starts off like Pledge before settling into a softer, fresh citrus scent. And Nefertiti, a honey scent, isn't amazing at first, but then it becomes gentle and lovely. You can definitely find some good fragrances in this line, but you'll have to sniff around for them.