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Bella Brand: Kissable Couture

Two years ago, former model Keisha Nash Whitaker (wife of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker) and celebrity makeup artist friend AJ Crimson set out to design their own line of luscious lip glosses. Just a few short months ago, their dreams became a reality and Kissable Couture launched the First Kiss Collection.

The shimmery, smooth glosses ($22) range in color from peach to burgundy. There are seven shades in the collection, and the cutest part of all is that every gloss is named after fellas that Keisha and her friends have kissed (i.e. Eric, Dylan, Chris, David, Johnny, Tyler and of course Forest).

Only one collection has been released so far, but stay tuned for a few new shades that are due out just before Valentine's Day!








For a description of each of the six colors, read more

  • Forest: Crimson sparkle
  • David: Smokey topaz
  • Tyler: Bright violet
  • Eric: Bronzed coral
  • Chris: Pure peach
  • Dylan: Bubblegum pink
  • Johnny: Pale lavender

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