I love discovering small, made-by-hand bath and body products. The latest find: Panhandle Girl, an operation out of Savannah, Georgia. The vegan-friendly and paraben-free line features soaps, scrubs, creams, and balms, all featuring fragrant essential oils.

The star product of this line is the soap (about $5 to $6.50 each). Each batch is hand-mixed and hand-poured, and the ingredient list features things you'll recognize: olive oil, coconut oil, water, and essential oils. They're incredibly fragrant, but not in a headache-inducing way. My favorite is Doc Love ($6.25), which has a light patchouli scent balanced by orange and lemon essential oils. Plus, $1 from each sale of this variety is donated to animal rescue organizations, a cause that Minou and I can get behind!