Bella Brand: Rouge Bunny Rouge

From Russia with love comes this covetable cosmetics brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge. The two-year-old label is inspired by fairy tales (much like Paris Hilton, it seems), but it's not cutesy, thanks to the gorgeously dark packaging. Featuring a Victorian bent, it's heavy on floral outlines and black-and-white contrast — kind of like a Disneyfied take on Kara Walker's silhouettes.

The line contains the usual suspects — foundation, lipstick, eye shadow — along with a few new classes like push-up cheek stains and under-eye illuminators. (Coughtouche eclatcough.) And although it's soon branching out from Poland and Singapore to countries such as England and France, it'll be a while before the line hits the United States. Have any of you world travelers tried it out, or are you content to look from afar like me?