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Bella Brand: Ruby & Millie

Bella Brand: Ruby & Millie

Before a recent trip to London, I had never heard of Ruby & Millie. But after reading about its huge celeb following (Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller and Jonathan Rhys-Myers) in all of the local glossies, it was difficult not to become intrigued by all of the buzz.

Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall met ten years ago when they were both working as makeup artists. After six years of friendship, Millie started her own beauty public relations firm where she was approached by Boots (a British drugstore) to create her own line. She asked her favorite counterpart and fellow self-confessed makeup obsessive Ruby to work with her, and two years later after intense research and development, they were ready to launch.

The brand became a great success and currently includes over 300 items. The most popular products are their palettes as well as an easy-to-apply multiple called Face Gloss. Perhaps their success has something to do with their philosophy. According to Millie: "We enjoy makeup and use it as a fun way to give women confidence. Success is not about making piles of cash but about being able to keep our integrity —It's our name on everything."

As of now, the brand is only available in UK Boots Stores, but I am pleased to see that a Ruby & Millie website is underway which will hopefully make the goods more globally accessible. So keep an eye out. Since this line seems like it is affordable and innovative, it's definitely something worth waiting for!

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