Bella Brand: Victoria's Secret PINK Body Care

Bella Brand: Victoria's Secret PINK Body Care

PINK, the young and fun clothing, loungewear and sleepwear line from Victoria's Secret, has just launched body care! The collection consists of three different bath and body products in three different scents aimed at gals of all ages. These treats smell amazing and they feel great on your skin, too. The scents are Fruity & Bright (a combination of blackberry and vanilla), Clean & Fresh (a citrus and floral mix made of apple and lily) and Sweet & Tart (a tasty and tangy blend of sugar and grapefruit).

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The bath and body products are priced to entice you into buying two at a time:

  • All-Over Body Mist ($15 individually or 2/$20) is an aloe and chamomile infused body spritz with a subtle scent that also lightly moisturizes with skin.
  • All-Over Body Lotion ($12 or $2/20) is a Vitamin E- and C-infused body cream that hydrates and softens skin.
  • PINK On A Rope Sudsy Soap ($10 or $2/20) is a bar soap that comes in the shape of a dog bone (I get it because of the dog theme, but that's kind of weird, don'tcha think?) that conditions, cleanses and hydrates your skin.
  • I can't wait to pop into VS to test these out. How about you?








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