Bella Donna: Beverly Johnson

If you need an example of an overachiever, look no further than Beverly Johnson. After a childhood of excelling at sports and in academics, she earned a full scholarship to study criminal justice at Northeastern University. But on the insistence of friends, she decided to try modeling.

That decision certainly paid off, and at 22, she became the first African-American woman to grace the cover of Vogue. "I embarked on this journey of self-discovery from that cover, because after finding out that I was the first woman of color to be on that cover, it angered me," she has said. "I really wanted to take on that kind of responsibility. That cover meant so much to so many people."

Unfortunately, like many models, Johnson's success came at a price. "I think that I will always have an eating disorder," she has said. "I think once you have it, it never leaves you completely." While she may still struggle to overcome her eating issues, she hasn't left the beauty and fashion biz. These days, Beverly is a judge on She's Got the Look, a modeling competition for women 35 and older. She also has a line of wigs and extensions — as well as a daughter who's following in her footsteps (against Beverly's advice) as a plus-size model.

Source: WireImage