It's time for this week's installment of Bella Donna, in which I profile beauty icons throughout the ages. This week, we're looking at French actress Catherine Deneuve, who's been called one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Over a career spanning decades, Deneuve has become the leading lady of French film. She leapt to stardom in the excellent musical Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, and her fame only increased with her following film choices. Belle de Jour and Repulsion cemented Deneuve's on-screen reputation as an ice queen to be reckoned with. Offscreen, Deneuve was chosen to represent Marianne, a national symbol of France. For more on Catherine Deneuve's approach to beauty as well as a photo gallery, read more

Obviously, Deneuve was genetically gifted to be as jolie as she is. But her approach to beauty is quintessentially French: She favors subdued eye makeup, a simple lip and perfectly touched-up blonde hair (if she's ever had roots, they haven't been photographed). She's also an icon in the fashion and beauty worlds. Deneuve is a friend of and muse to Yves Saint Laurent, who outfitted her for Belle de Jour and countless parties and events in real life. During the 1970s, she was the face of Chanel No. 5, and in the 1980s she had her own eponymous perfume. Now in her sixties, Deneuve continues to be a beauty icon: in the last five years, she's represented L'Oreal and has been the face of an eponymous cosmetics line for MAC.