I'm holding myself from bursting out with some bad "Rapture" rappin', because this week's Bella Donna is the fabulous Debbie Harry. Of course, you probably know her better as Blondie, the name of her band that nonetheless has become her nickname. One of the 20th century's iconic blondes, her '70s platinum hair was punky but accessible—much like her band's music.

Before leaping to fame as Blondie's lead singer, Debbie was a waitress, a dancer and even a Playboy Bunny. But as the front of Blondie, she lept to fame with hits such as "One Way or Another," "The Tide is High," and "Heart of Glass." To see a photo gallery of Ms. Harry, read more

As Debbie has aged, she has admitted to having plastic surgery. According to Starpulse, she recently said:

"Everybody knows that I've had plastic surgery. I did it for business reasons. You photograph better, and looks are a key part of being an entertainer, so I felt it was something I had to do. All sorts of horrific things happen in life. Why make it worse by worrying about getting older?

Seems like she's cool with having cosmetic surgery, but I have to agree: "Everybody" can tell that she's had it done. Rather than watch her, um, not age, I prefer to reflect on the Debbie Harry of yore, whose natural beauty (well, save for the bottle blonde) made it look as though she could knock a man over just by looking at him.