This week's Bella Donna certainly knows what the term means—she is Italian-American, after all. It's difficult to sum up Madonna. You could say that she's the most successful female musician in history. You could say that she's one of the wealthiest women in the world. But those facts don't begin to really describe the way this icon changed pop culture.

Born and raised in Michigan, Madonna left the University of Michigan to pursue a dance career in New York. It wasn't long until she had a record deal, and from there, she had a fast rise to superstardom. Her top-ten hits—of which there were many—were nearly overshadowed by her strong personality, her ever-present sexuality, her controversial videos, and an ability to reinvent herself over and over again.

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Madonna's look has changed so much over time that there's really no single style she's known for. The only thing that comes close to being consistent is blonde hair—but even that has occasionally been red, black and her natural brunette. I'm glad that she's dropped certain aspects of her look (remember the unfortunate gold tooth phase?) but even happier that she doesn't show signs of stopping. My guess is that we'll keep seeing new angles of Madonna well into her golden years.

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