Bella Donna: Marianne Faithfull

Despite being known as the folk-singing, wild ex of Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull (born Marian Evelyn Faithfull in 1946), the stylish singer is more diverse than you might have thought. First reaching fame as the soft-spoken, teenager of "As Tears Go By," the full-lipped, sad-eyed singer married artist John Dunbar in 1965, but left him after their son was born to live with Keith Richards and his wife, Anita Pallenberg. Her famous love affair with Mick began soon after, but by 1970 her life had spiraled out of control; she lost custody of her son and her drug problem worsened. In the '80s, she went into treatment and has since collaborated with musicians such as Beck, Billy Corgan, and PJ Harvey.

Faithfull continues to release music and beauty inspiration for generations to come (hi, Sienna). It's not just her perfect freckled skin, shaggy bangs and slightly smudged eyeliner that people consider iconic: it was recently revealed that her nipples inspired sculptor Clive Barker's famous chrome bust.