Oh, the beautiful, the talented, the heartbreaking Michelle Phillips. With an angelic voice and looks to match, her youthful innocence became only more captivating when she opened her mouth and belted out hits such as "California Dreamin'" and "Monday Monday."

But it wasn't just her songbird voice that helped her become a household name. When she was just 18, she married John Phillips, ten years her senior (with whom she eventually had Chynna Phillips, the founding member of '90s group Wilson Phillips). Michelle and John joined Cass Elliot (aka Mama Cass) and Denny Doherty to form the Mamas and the Papas in 1965. Shortly thereafter, Phillips had an affair with bandmate Doherty, only to leave him a year later for actor Dennis Hopper. Whew!

Despite her penchant for troublemaking, Phillips is an undeniable talent and timeless beauty. One part flower child, one part '70s disco queen, her look is a fresh combination of nature girl and glamor. With highly arched, impeccably groomed brows, tousled blond curls, and a bit of eyeliner — and maybe a pop of colored shadow thrown in for fun — you can get her look.

Phillips continues to appear on red carpets to this day, and is well-known for her youthful appearance, which she attributes to staying completely out of the sun as a youth. So, ladies, if you don't listen to me, at least listen to Michelle, and steer clear of those harmful rays.

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