Bella Donna: Rita Moreno

Winning one award is an accomplishment in itself, but only 10 people have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony — and one of them is Rita Moreno. Best known for her turns in West Side Story and The Electric Company, the triple threat is a legend in film, on stage, and on the small screen.

Like many other Latinas in Hollywood, Moreno initially struggled to find roles that didn't fall into "exotic" cliches and sexpot stereotypes. Even in West Side Story, she was frustrated, as she told NPR's Terry Gross:

"They made me use an accent, which I wasn't thrilled about because a lot of us, obviously, don't have them. The thing that really bothered me the most is that they put the same very muddy, dark-colored makeup on every Shark girl and boy, and that really made me very upset. I tried to get that changed, and I said, 'Look at us. We're all many, many different colors. Some of us are very white, some of us are olive-skinned, some of us actually have black blood, some of us are Taino Indian,' which is the original Puerto Rican. And nobody paid attention, and that was that. I had no choice in the matter, but I was not happy."

As opinionated as she is attractive, Moreno continues to act, appearing on shows such as Oz and Law & Order. We love her for her talent, and for proving that aging gracefully is a beautiful thing.

Source: WireImage