The next time you're in Los Angeles and you're looking for a cute cropped cut, make an appointment with Christine Symonds. She's a stylist at the Warren-Tricomi salon, and she's a big proponent of short hair this season.

What's more, this up-and-coming stylist just finished two shows at Los Angeles Fashion Week: Maggie Barry and Lauren Conrad. (Check out the looks below.) This busy lass took a few moments to talk with me about hair trends and her work on America's Next Top Model makeovers, so read on!

What are some of the spring trends this year?
I'm seeing a lot of cropped pixie cuts — really short cuts. We saw it entering the style world in 2007 with the funky Agyness Deyn cut. I get at least one a day of someone wanting to chop their hair off. With longer hair, I'm seeing a lot heavy fringes, and something that's a little more daring is a short baby fringe. It takes a little more confidence to work, but it definitely makes for a stunning outcome.

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Can anyone really wear short hair, or do you need to be drop dead gorgeous?
With the right cut, anybody can pull off short hair. Everybody has certain features that you can accentuate. With a short haircut, you just have to work on which features those are going to be. If you have great cheekbones, leave a longer bang and a shorter back to highlight them. Everyone has their flaws and their blessings, but I really think that with the right cut, anybody can pull off a short cut. It just comes down to the confidence that is worn with it. If you rock it and wear it like you own it, anyone can pull off a short haircut.

I saw that you worked on America's Next Top Model. Can you tell me a bit about that?
Yeah. We worked on it a few seasons ago. We did it when our LA salon had just opened. It was really fun to watch the girls go through their transformations — some were more willing than others! It was fun, especially since in the fashion industry, a big part of it is the hair. The hair can completely change their look. One of the girls got completely almost shaved underneath, and then had a long piece on top that she could either hide the shaved or Mohawk it up. It was super-fun. It's not so often you get a room of beautiful girls that are like canvases, you know?

When the girls start crying about their haircuts, are they playing it up for the cameras?
Most of the girls are trying to hide their true emotions from the camera, but the ones that I've seen were definitely upset — it was a true, full-hearted freakout when they saw the hair falling to the ground!