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Bella Interview: Jerome Hillion, Hair Master

Longtime readers may know Jerome Hillion, the London stylist known for his artistic, creative, and unusual hairstyles. After being named Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year in 2005, he's continued to create out-of-the-ordinary looks that beg to be looked at. I've been wondering about his inspiration, and fortunately for us, he was happy to answer a few questions from his London salon:

How and when did you know you wanted to create avant-garde hairstyles?
Since the age of 5, I was creating hairstyles on dolls and used to imagine catwalks and choreographies. That was the way I used to play.

Some of your styles seem like they involve a lot of product, heat, and potentially stressful treatments. How do you recommend keeping hair healthy?
My hairstyles don't involve many products. I use techniques to dry the hair in the texture or shape, using serums, then flexible heat protection hairspray. To keep hair healthy, simply apply a mask at least once a week, and use shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type. Serums or styling creams can also provide heat protection. Don't over-process your hair with chemicals.

For the complete interview, plus a gallery of some of his work, just read more

Where do you get the inspiration for your hairstyles?
A lot of my hairstyles are inspired by people around me. They can be artists, the homeless man in the street. Basically, people who make me get out of my comfort zone inspire me for everything I do.

How can people be more adventurous with their hair at home?
I would recommend to find a stylist who is excited to do your hair. Get to know each other; that way you establish trust both sides. A great stylist should always show you little tricks to personalize your style. That is the way I work with every single client I meet. Advice should be given individually; I don't believe in "everyone should wear the same generic style." Be yourself, express yourself through your look. Look in the mirror and make the most of what or who you are!

What do you say to people who think such out-there styles are unwearable?
Who said that hairstyles had to be wearable? It is like confusing haute couture with pret-a-porter . . . be sensible and open to art. People who changed or made things happen are people who didn't think inside the box. These hairstyles are to be looked at and not to be worn.





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