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The Mothership Has Landed at The Blonds

The Blonds Spring 2014

What do you get when Dr. Spock and Tweety Bird couple up and have a baby? The beauty look at The Blonds . . . at least according to lead makeup artist Kabuki for MAC Cosmetics. Swipes of yellow and blue shadow with baby doll lashes lent itself to the cartoon bird in question, while the overdrawn eyebrows Kabuki conjured up were an exact replica of everyone's favorite Vulcan. But the alien inspiration didn't stop there. Nick Irwin of TIGI created slicked-back styles, which were topped-off with oversized hair balls on top. "We're slicking the hair back real tight to give the girls a mini eyelift," Irwin quipped. A headband outfitted with Vulcan-like ears was the cherry on top.

But the real standout backstage was the nail art, courtesy of CND. The brand churned out over 30 sets of nails — and the detail was impeccable. Gemstones made from gel polish, Swarovski crystals, and even retractable hinges were all present. If this is the type of look to expect, we should welcome an alien invasion with open arms.


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