Prediction: Brad Pitt Likely Had a Soul Patch For His Wedding

Aug 28 2014 - 6:00pm

Brad Pitt [1] is a chameleon when it comes to his coif — he switches from long hippie locks to a military crop with ease. But lately, he's been rocking a soul patch. While he can make it look pretty cool, we're not sure if it's appropriate for a groom. Do you think he kept it for his wedding day [2]? Take a look back at Brad's wild (and often sexy) hair history and decide for yourself.

June 1988: The Boyish Coif

September 1990: The Bad Boy Tousle

September 1993: The Man Lob

September 1993: The Surfer Dude

November 1994: The Kurt Cobain

January 1996: The Scruffy Man

March 1997: The His-and-Hers

November 1998: The Business Casual

March 2000: The Scruff 2.0

September 2004: The High-and-Tight

May 2007: The Bro

May 2007: The '50s Dude

June 2007: The Smooth Operator

June 2007: The Clean Shave

September 2007: The Dapper Dude

November 2007: The Hat Hair

August 2009: The Salt-and-Pepper Sexy

December 2010: The Brush-Back

May 2011: The Gelled-Hair-Don't-Care

September 2011: The Relaxed Bob

December 2011: The Sexy Nerd

January 2012: The A-List Lob

May 2012: The Shampoo Commercial Coiff

June 2013: The Mini Man Bun

September 2013: The Red Carpet Man Bun

November 2013: The Big Reveal

February 2014: The Award-Season Shave

March 2014: Studly Stubble

May 2014: Sophisticated Soul Patch

June 2014: Dapper Daddy

June 2014: Kangol Cool

August 2014: Tousled Temptation

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