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Build a Bouffant with Bust

I know some of you are already fans of Bust magazine (I'm willing to bet money that Krampalicious is a long-time reader like me). But since it's an independent magazine that isn't carried all over the place, it might be new to some of you. If you like smart stories and saucy sex advice and fashion spreads that have curvy girls as well as slim ones, you'll like it a lot.

Every issue has a quirky and fun beauty how-to story, and the new one is a big tease. Literally. It's a step-by-step guide to recreating Amy Winehouse's bouffant, and unsurprisingly, it's not a five-minute project. You know you're in for a hairy adventure when a story begins by suggesting that you purchase a hairpiece. Fortunately, the instructions are easy to follow, so even novices can figure it out.

Even if you're not as high-drama as Amy Winehouse, you could always work this 'do for Halloween, which isn't too far away. Check out this preview of the story below to get an idea of what the look is like. (The magazine isn't at big stores like Target, but it's easily available at indie bookstores, Borders, and Barnes and Noble). If you try out this hairstyle, let me know how it goes—I think it would be fun to post pictures of everyone's results!



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