Not too long ago, I asked you whether or not you had/have braces. The majority of you said affirmative, and you're in great company. Stars like Ashley Judd, Diana Ross, and Cher have all sported a little metal in the mouth. I've done a little research on the topic, and uncovered a few others. Can you guess which celebrities used to wear braces?

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Which actress rocked this set of braces back in the mid-1980s?
Alicia Silverstone
Jodie Foster
Drew Barrymore
Tori Spelling
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Which funky gal in this picture used to wear braces?
Christina Aguilera
Lily Allen
Gwen Stefani
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Guess who wore Invisalign braces?
Ashton Kutcher
Tom Cruise
Christian Bale
Jerry O'Connell
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Who wore this set of braces when she was younger?
Dakota Fanning
Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
Ashley Tisdale
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Who wore braces on his bottom teeth?
Jim Carrey
Will Arnett
Nicolas Cage
Michael Keaton
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