Can You Guess Which Celebrities' Dimples These Are?

Whose Cute Dimples Are These?

Lots of celebrities have these adorable cheek indentations, but can you tell who's who? Take my quiz and find out whether you know your favorite actress well enough to know her smile.

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Who is it?
Eliza Dushku
Ashley Greene
Mena Suvari
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Who is it?
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Vanessa Hudgens
Kirsten Dunst
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Who is it?
Juliette Lewis
Kirsten Dunst
Audrey Tautou
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Who is it?
Uma Thurman
Demi Moore
Sienna Miller
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Who is it?
Tiffani Thiessen
Miranda Kerr
Nicky Hilton
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Who is it?
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ziyi Zhang
Alyssa Milano
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Who is it?
Hilary Duff
Faith Hill
Jessica Simpson
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