Carrie Underwood Hair, Makeup, and Skin Care Tips

Carrie Underwood Talks DIY Smoky Eyes, Wigs, and Manicures

Carrie Underwood Talks DIY Smoky Eyes, Wigs, and Manicures

No matter where you stand on country music, it's fairly undeniable that its reigning sweetheart, Carrie Underwood, is pretty darn charming. The bubbly blonde has exploded since her initial American Idol fame and turned into one of the genre's biggest names, scoring awards and landing deals left and right — including her latest with beauty brand Almay

By now you've likely seen the TV commercial of her applying the perfect smoky eye directly into the camera, and amazing news: she is actually doing her makeup in the ad. "It was like a mirror with a hole cut out of it, and they had put a reflective surface on the camera," she explained to us during an interview in Nashville. "I know my face pretty well, but it was still a little hard."

Those who know the star probably aren't surprised, as she's known for doing her own makeup while on tour. Her nondiva tendencies don't stop there, either. She spilled on the sweet get-togethers she has with her closest girlfriends and how she's her mom's personal beauty guru.