Rainbow Hair, Don't Care! 22 Ultrabright Celebrity Dye Jobs

Aug 18 2014 - 7:03pm

You may have dyed your hair every shade imaginable: red, brunette, blond, etc. But have you gone rainbow yet? Celebrities can't stop testing out this hot hair trend, taking on colors like purple (Nicole Richie [1]), green (Katy Perry [2]), and blue (Demi Lovato). Whether you add a sharp shade to your bangs, into your braid, or over your whole head, it's the perfect way to stand out in a crowd. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling and get some serious Crayola hair inspiration! Then, watch our video on this must-try trend [3].

— Additional reporting by Lauren Levinson

Source: Instagram user iiswhoiis [4]


This Summer, Kesha has tried just about every hair color under the sun — blue, pink, purple, turquoise, green — and now she's combining them all in a rainbow hue. But the question is: how long will this mermaid mulitihue look last?

Anna Paquin

Now that Anna's no longer baring fangs on True Blood, she headed to Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger [5] to live out her mermaid-hair fantasies.

Source: Twitter user AnnaPaquin [6]

Debby Ryan

Disney star Debby took to Instagram to show the world her hair-dyeing experiment with grape Kool-Aid.

Source: Instagram user debbyryan [7]

Demi Lovato

Demi has become synonymous with hot hair hues [8]. Her latest dye 'do: 50 shades of purple. She revealed the look on Instagram with the hashtag "ReallyDontCare."

Source: Instagram user ddlovato [9]


Raven hit the all-in-one warm-hues combo when she mixed pink, purple, and red tones in her lob. 

Source: Instagram user ravensymonecp [10]

Demi Lovato

Here's another recent look from Demi: she showed how to fade brunette into purple into gray.

Source: Instagram user ddlovato [11]

Kylie Jenner

We were convinced Kylie would be Kim Kardashian [12]'s "something blue" when she revealed this aqua hair on Instagram before the wedding [13] of the year!

Source: Instagram user kyliejenner [14]

Vanessa Hudgens

Festival season means floral hair crowns and colorful tresses. Vanessa played that out perfectly when she rocked this mermaid look.

Source: Instagram user vanessahudgens [15]

Lily Allen

Orange striped bangs looked totally unexpected on Lily.

Source: Instagram user lilyallen [16]

Rumer Willis

Why wear hot pink lips if you can sport the color in your hair instead? Rumer had the right idea with this one.

Source: Instagram user ruelarue [17]

Barbara Palvin

The model showed off dreamy, textured purple locks with a hazy filter.

Source: Instagram user realbarbarapalvin [18]


Rihanna [19] was definitely thinking pink when she wore a pixie and nails in the matching hue.

Source: Twitter user Rihanna [20]

Rita Ora

Rita offered the ideal July 4 idea: firecracker-popsicle-colored hair.

Source: Instagram user andylecomptesalon [21]

Demi Lovato

Demi did it again — this time with fierce pink hair and a bold lip.

Source: Instagram user ddlovato [22]


The singer juxtaposed pastel hair with dark, heavy eyeliner.

Source: Instagram user iiswhoiis [23]

Lady Gaga

Of course Lady Gaga [24] took the neon route on the hair-color spectrum.

Source: Instagram user Lady Gaga [25]

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung combined two top trends at once: braids [26] and rainbow hair.

Source: Instagram user chungalexa [27]

Lauren Conrad

LC caught on to the color craze when she dyed her blond tips bright pink. 

Source: Instagram user laurenconrad [28]

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden captured the rainbow in her hair in this 2012 Twitter photo and captioned it, "Me and my BF Allie finally gettin some play time."

Source: Twitter user Hayden Panettiere [29]

Katy Perry

Katy added a sea-green pigment to her waves.

Source: Instagram user katyperry [30]

Nicole Richie

Nicole managed to make purple look totally sophisticated.

Source: Instagram user nicolerichie [31]

Demi Lovato

The star showed off her blue hair not once, not twice, but in four different selfie shots. Only Demi . . .

Source: Instagram user ddlovato [32]

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