As it turns out, a whole slew of celebrities have star tattoos, ranging from the small and discreet to the big and bold. Perhaps you've taken my first celebrities with star tattoos quiz, and now it's time for more. Can you guess who's been celestially inked? It's time to play:

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Which edgy lady used to have this star tattoo on her wrist? (It's since been replaced by a colorful flower.)
Nicole Richie
Katy Perry
Ashlee Simpson
Kelly Osbourne
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Which actress, known for her romantic comedy roles, has this star tattoo on her left foot?
Meg Ryan
Jennifer Aniston
Amanda Seyfried
Kate Hudson
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Which former girl band member showed off her star tattoo way back in 2002?
Belinda Carlisle
Victoria Beckham
Geri Halliwell
Natalie Maines
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Who has this shooting star tattoo on her back?
Lady Gaga
Mena Suvari
Lily Allen
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Who showed off her ear ink a few years back?
Leona Lewis
Tatyana Ali
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