Katy Goes Green, Kristen Opts For Orange, and More Star Style Updates

Apr 11 2014 - 10:14am

If there's one thing we will never tire of, it's keeping up with the celebrity manes of Hollywood. Between the movie roles and the red carpets, it's no wonder stars can never seem to get enough of their stylists' chairs. The year 2013 was a big one for celebrity hairstyle swaps [1], and we're already seeing some stars changing things up in 2014. Scroll through to cast your vote on the locks of some of your favorite Hollywood faces.

Source: Getty [2]

Demi Lovato

After recently trying out an undercut, Demi ditched her pink strands and went back to her natural brunette. How do you feel about Demi's new look?

Source: Getty [3] and Instagram user ddlovato [4]

Katy Perry

Never one to shy away from bold styles, Katy recently showed off a daring green hue [5]. Are you a fan of the Spring-ready shade?

Kristen Wiig

Just a few months after getting a bob [6], Kristen surprised us again by becoming a blonde. Are you loving the new look?

Kristen Stewart

Now that's devotion! Kristen's new orange hue [7] is for an upcoming role; how do you like it?

Source: Getty [8] and Instagram user maisondecheveux [9]

Maggie Gyllenhaal

We were shocked when Maggie switched from brunette to platinum blond. What are your thoughts on her bleached style [10]?

Sarah Hyland

Sarah recently debuted a light, layered style [11]. How do you feel about her new summery look?

Jennifer Love Hewitt

After some time with dark brown hair, Jennifer shocked us with her blond ombré color. Do you like her with this hue?

Vanessa Hudgens

For Spring, Vanessa ditched her waist-length weave [12] for a more season-appropriate length. Were you loving the extralong locks, or is the shorter cut your favorite?

Katie Holmes

Katie made a change for Spring by getting her bangs snipped. What do you think?

Kim Kardashian

First she dyed her hair brown, and now Kim has taken some length off of her strands! What do you think?

Ashley Benson

Ashley recently added extensions to her hair and dyed it blond! Are you a fan?

Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle has added some honey-blond highlights to her hair. Do you like her new addition?

Margot Robbie

Talk about a hair change! What do you think of Margot as a brunette?

Liza Minnelli

How about Liza and this amazing blue streak? Are you a fan?

Jennifer Garner

We were shocked to see Jennifer Garner [13] with these blond highlights at the Oscars. What do you think?

Julia Roberts

Julia debuted a gorgeous blond mane at the Oscars. Are you a fan of her change-up?

Rose Byrne

Not a huge change, but Rose's snip has placed her in the lob league. Do you like her with this style?

Ashley Tisdale

Looks like Ashley has added some more blond to her hair, courtesy of colorist George Papanikolas! Are you digging this look?

Kelly Rowland

Kelly traded out her bangs and long hair for a short, sleek bob! Do you like the chop?

Eva Longoria

Eva recently added some heavy fringe to her look and snipped a bit of length off of her ends. Are you a fan of the swap?

Molly Sims

After 10 years as a blonde, the model became a redhead [14]. Do you dig her Amy Adams-inspired color?

Julianne Hough

Talk about a massive change! Julianne Hough was recently spotted with an edgy pixie cut [15]. Are you a fan?

Miley Cyrus

Leave it to Miley to chop her already-short locks into a boyish bowl cut. What do you think?

Sarah Jessica Parker

We've seen SJP don a lot of hair colors since her turn as Carrie Bradshaw, but the actress recently went darker with her strands. Are you a fan?

Tika Sumpter

Tika's been a fan of long strands for a while, but she recently opted for a bob. Do you dig it?

Noomi Rapace

We barely recognized Noomi with her white-blond hair. Do you like the swap?

Michelle Monaghan

Since becoming a new mom, Michelle Monaghan has added some highlights to her hair. Do you like her new style?

Kristen Wiig

Aside from bringing her burgundy hair back to brunette, Kristen Wiig chopped a good amount off of her hair [16] to reveal a chin-grazing crop. Are you a fan?

Naya Rivera

In a red carpet reveal we never saw coming, Naya River debuted new, blond locks at the People's Choice Awards [17]. Are you digging the fairer shade on her?

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon [18] changed her hair quite a bit in 2013, but she started the new year off by snipping some soft, wispy fringe [19]. Do you like her new addition?

Kate Mara

Kate Mara had already shocked us by dying her hair blonde last year [20], but she was spotted with highlights that were more platinum than honey. Do you like this color on her?

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