Do These Hollywood Hunks Prove That Blonds Have More Fun?

May 31 2014 - 11:00am

Adam Levine nearly broke the Internet when he shared a pic with freshly bleached locks via social media. Although he sparked a firestorm of digital comments from those who both adored and detested the new 'do, he's certainly not the only celeb who's thrown out a hair-color changeup with fresh, platinum tresses. And now that Summer is here, we're looking back at other Tinseltown hot guys who've gone blond over the years. The only question is: which shades do you prefer on these dreamy dudes?

Does Ryan look better as a dirty blond or bleached babe?

Although Ryan Gosling [1] is naturally gifted with sandy strands, he went full-on platinum in 2011 while filming A Place Beyond the Pines.

Does Adam look better as a brunet or blond?

The Internet let out a collective gasp when the naturally raven-haired Renaissance man tweeted [2] a pic of himself with a coif so light it bordered on white!

Does Brad look better as a dirty blond or bleached babe?

Perhaps the most famous (and gorgeous) guy to go blond is Brad. Though his natural color is a toasted shade, he notably went for a flaxen hue in 2005 during the premieres of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Does David look better as a dirty blond or bleached babe?

David Beckham [3] has never been shy about changing up his hair, but in 2007 he traded in his natural ash blond locks for a paled-out look.

Does Jared look better with blond, brunet, or ombré tresses?

While we wouldn't dream of changing Jared Leto [4]'s current perfectly ombré'd mane (can we switch hairstyles, please?), he once donned shorter 'dos back in the day. Jared gave us Eric Northman realness in 2010 with his slick champagne-hued style, while he reverted to his natural chestnut color in 2011.

Does James look better as a blond or brunet?

Although it was short-lived, James Franco [5] dabbled with a more golden shade in place of his original espresso color in 2013.

Does Johnny look better as a blond or brunet?

Johnny Depp [6] exchanged his signature chocolate locks for sunnier lengths earlier this year in January.

Does Ryan look better as a blond or brunet?

Ryan Reynolds [7] dyed his whole head a creamy color for his role in 2009's Paper Man. Had he kept it, he would be matchy-matchy with his wife, Blake Lively [8].

Source: Getty [9] and FilmColony [10]

Does Bradley look better as a blond or brunet?

Look! It's a baby Bradley! The actor first appeared on the scene with a mop of honey-hued hair in 2001.

Does Justin look better as a dirty blond or bleached babe?

And of course . . . who could forget Justin Timberlake [11] in his *NSYNC days? No matter how much you might love or loathe it today, we'll always cherish Justin's original frosted tips — no matter how much more dapper he may look with his naturally darker coif today.

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