Chanel N°5 Is Reborn With Eau Première

Finally! Chanel N°5 Eau Première is gearing up to make its US, er, premiere! Since Chanel has vowed never to change the original formulas of its fragrances, this is the first variation of the acclaimed Chanel N°5 perfume (which launched in 1921). The new formulation is full of similar notes such as neroli, vetiver lang ylang, rose, jasmine, amber and sandalwood. The difference lies in the modification of concentrations to bring you a lighter and more refreshing rendition of N°5 by Jacques Polge.

What makes this perfume so special is that it still maintains the wonderful qualities of N°5 since it uses the same ingredients, but it ends with a more subtle scent, as if it were an Eau de Toilette. This modern incarnation is a treat to your senses and I can only hope this means more reinventions for Chanel essences.

Chanel N°5 Eau Première was supposed to be launched this month, but it seems the release has been postponed until an indefinite date in '08. So keep your eyes open for the five ounce bottle ($125) in coming months. I think I’m going to set up a little compare and contrast “smell test” to see if I can distinguish between the original N°5 and N°5 Eau Première, so stay tuned for my review!

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