ColorOn Eye Envy Press-on Makeup Eye Shadow Review with Pictures

Cheetah-Print Eye Shadow: Fun? Ridiculous? (Maybe Both?)

Remember ColorOn Eye Envy, the wacky press-on eye shadow? The idea is that you place a pre-powdered eye shadow patch on your lids, smooth it on, and are left with perfect shadow. I thought it sounded silly, but hey — don't knock it until you try it, right?

Some of the Sugar girls and I had a ColorOn party last night, and honestly, it was a fun, goofy, girly time. We tried the Exotic Kit, which has five sets of patterned shadow. There are two zebra-print shadows, one camouflage, and two cheetah-print options. (Totally appropriate for the office.) To see what this all looks like on — it's pretty wacky — read more.

Applying the shadow was very simple. First, you peel the oval shadow from its card and place it on the lid. Next, you'll gently rub it on and remove it. From there, the color is applied and set with an included powder. We had to tidy our application a bit because the ovals were too large for us, and some of the shadow rubbed off under our eyes. (Check the gallery photos to see what I mean; the excess shadow was easy to remove.)

Truth be told, I was pretty impressed by the quality of the transfer. The prints went on evenly without smudging, and I certainly couldn't create this look on my own. For a night at a dance club or as part of a Halloween costume, ColorOn would deliver the kind of look that's usually done only by makeup artists. Will I use these all of the time? Probably not, but I'd consider some of the less-daring shades for special occasions — or just to have a fun time with friends. Whatcha think? Do you want to try these, or is it too silly?