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Coming Soon: Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

Wow, this isn't your average fragrance. I am so excited about the launch of Bond No 9's newest fragrance for Holiday 2007 called Andy Warhol Silver Factory. I wanted you to be the first to know about it, but the fragrance won't actually hit stores until December 1st and will sell in one size only — 3.4 oz for $230.

The unisex scent contains a spicy blend of wood resin, amber, jasmine, iris, violet, molten silver and cedarwood. So it's got kind of a metallic incense smell to it, reminiscent of the 60's era Factory days. The bottle is also very cool. The front has a large re-colored rendition of the Campbell’s Soup can, and in the middle it reads:

"Perfume Concentrate." It's just like how Campbell's say their soups are condensed. This also qualifies it somewhere in between an eau de parfum and a perfume extract —cute, right?

As you would imagine, the entire concept was inspired by Andy Warhol's NYC presence, which resonates with the NYC-themed branding of Bond No 9. The Silver Factory (or simply The Factory) was the place where he and his eclectic bunch would pal around and be creative. (The walls were aluminum foil with lots of mirrors everywhere, hence the word "silver".)

I also love that Andy was once quoted talking about "a company that wanted to buy his aura." Now everyone can buy it — you just have to wait until December!

Warhol Photobooth-Lo_Res

Campbell Soup Can for Press with text-lo_res

Andy Warhol Silver Factory

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