Coming Soon: Bésame Cosmetics Gingerbread Mascara

Bésame is gearing up to launch a new product next month called Gingerbread 1930s Waterproof Mascara. I can see how the name might lead you to believe that it's auburn-colored, but it's really named after the food. The mascara has been scented with eight natural conditioning oils and food coloring to smell like gingerbread. You know me with scents: I can take it or leave it, especially when it's really sweet, but those of you who like the smell of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg will go wild for this.

When I first heard about the launch, I was curious about how it differs from Sculpture Lash. After consulting with the brand manager, she told me that it conditions lashes resulting in a shiny and polished finish, that it washes off easily and that it's waterproof. Similarly, it is paraben-free and safe for sensitive eyes.

To its credit, I agree about the shine, and it really does wash off easily with soap and water. Another bonus: it didn't clump at all (huge plus). I also love the gold and chrysanthemum packaging. Gingerbread Mascara will be available in black, brown and plum shades. So if you're ready for a scented mascara, you might think it's pretty, uh, sweet.

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