Looking for a new fragrance to get you all geared up for the red carpet or a big night on the town? If so, the latest launch from Flirt! has your name all over it. Glamourazzi comes packaged in a gold sequined box that looks like a disco ball! Now of course, you aren't going to be sold on the packaging alone, but fortunately, what's inside is also something to get revved up about.

The bottle houses an electrifying blend of fruits and florals, which will definitely grab your attention. Think of biting into a pineapple so juicy that it runs down your chin. Mix it with flowers, vanilla, and ginger and you're there. This is a fragrance you'll want to wear to get noticed. It's perfect for a night out dancing, since your scent will linger as you move. It's very strong (so don't go overboard) and very sweet, but it's also sensual.

I know that I have to let The Fashionista Diaries go already, but remember the episode when Bridget and Andrew had to find the perfect gold dress for the ad, and Janjay and Tina helped with the photo shoot? Can you believe it's taken this long to turn around in real life? Glamourazzi is due in stores just before Valentine's Day in a 1.7 oz. bottle for $35.