I am stoked for the launch of Giorgio Armani Beauty's new cream called Crema Nera. Either it's all hype, or this is actually going to turn out to be the mother or all creams! Housed in a shiny black case, this stark white cream looks almost intimidating. It feels like a balm, but after you warm just a teensy amount between your fingertips, it becomes a silky, indulgent cream indeed. Here's the scoop on this luxurious, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-saving-any-money-by-buying-this cream.

Giorgio Armani has a home in Pentelleria, Italy, where the land is rich and fertile in volcanic sources. This area has black earth, yet tons of thriving life. Those who live there relish in mud baths and thermal waters because they have remarkable effects on healing the skin.

Giorgio Armani and L'Oreal Research partnered together to source Obsidian Petellerite, which they believe to be the key ingredient. This natural, complex mineral compound has been captured and enhanced to create Crema Nera, a fountain-of-youth cream for women of all ages.

Studies show that Crema Nera stimulates cell regeneration, plumps, firms and evens out the complexion. With extended use (four weeks or more) 81% of subjects experienced increased elasticity, 68% saw less wrinkles on their face and 78% reported that their skin looked more radiant. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out for ourselves. Crema Nera hits stores next week and will cost $225 for a 1.76 oz jar and $275 for a same-sized jar that also includes an obsidian facial massage stone. Gosh, remember when La Mer seemed like the ultimate luxury cream?