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The Correct Names For Fashionable Hair Accessories

What's This Hair Accessory's Actual Name?

"Hair thingamabob," "clippie," and "oh, you know, that thing" are definitely a part of the common parlance of hair accessories, especially when it comes to items that are a subgenre of a larger product type, like hair clips or headbands. The thing is, though, that many of the items you see around do have their own perfectly nice names, and they're the sort of words that are helpful when you're talking to your stylist or looking for something online. Do you know your favorite hair implement's real name? Take my quiz and find out.

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What's this thing's actual name?
A duo clip
A fascinator
A clothilde
A jabberwock
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What's this thing's name . . . in England?
Wobbly pin
Stockton push
Kirby grip
Prince Albert in a pin
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What's this traditional Indian bridal hair adornment called?
Maang tikka
Mangal sutra
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What's the proper name for this type of veil?
Boston veil
Pompadour veil
Birdcage veil
Brobdingnagian veil
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What's this old-fashioned hair net actually called?
A snood
An ingot
A paglieri
A smurf
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