Cyndi Lauper Hair and Makeup Pictures 2011-06-22 13:10:04

See Cyndi Lauper's Beauty Evolution

Cyndi Lauper Hair and Makeup Pictures 2011-06-22 13:10:04

You name the color, and at some point or another, pop sensation Cyndi Lauper has probably worn it. She's so unusual, after all. Cyndi turns 58 today, and throughout the years, she has released multiple albums, performed on Broadway, and acted in both movies and TV. Besides her artistic abilities, the star is also active in supporting AIDS research, the National Kidney Foundation, and LGBT rights.

Even as a teenager, Cyndi experimented with coloring her hair different shades and sporting offbeat clothing. Of Cyndi's love for makeup, she said, "On a more frivolous note, makeup is also important to me. I have a suitcase full of the stuff. I am just sorry I have one face to put it all on. If you saw me without makeup you wouldn't recognize me. Thank god."

Wanna have fun? Be sure to check out the gallery of photos to get a glimpse at the multitude of styles sported by the colorful star.

Source: WireImage