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Different Kinds of Hair Clips

Can You Name That Hair Clip?

From sparkly and chic to your basic tortoiseshell variety, hair accessories are more popular than ever. But let's narrow it down a little further and focus on clips. From long and grippy to small and clippy, can you guess what each of the following hair holders are commonly referred to as?

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What kind of clip is this?
Spider clip
Octopus clip
Get-a-grip clip
Claw clip
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What's this one called?
Half-moon clip
Banana clip
Plantain clip
Jaws of Life clip
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What types of clips are these?
Curl clips
Multipurpose clips
Butterfly clips
Pinch clips
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What is this old-school style referred to as?
The long and leggy
Duckbill clip
Clam clip
Flamingo clip
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What's this classic clip called?
Snap-n-lock clip
Bendy clip
Contour clip
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