From sparkly and chic to your basic tortoiseshell variety, hair accessories are more popular than ever. But let's narrow it down a little further and focus on clips. From long and grippy to small and clippy, can you guess what each of the following hair holders are commonly referred to as?

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What kind of clip is this?
Spider clip
Octopus clip
Get-a-grip clip
Claw clip
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What's this one called?
Half-moon clip
Banana clip
Plantain clip
Jaws of Life clip
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What types of clips are these?
Curl clips
Multipurpose clips
Butterfly clips
Pinch clips
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What is this old-school style referred to as?
The long and leggy
Duckbill clip
Clam clip
Flamingo clip
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What's this classic clip called?
Snap-n-lock clip
Bendy clip
Contour clip
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